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Kitchen Fire Suppression systems

Catering equipment fires can arise in numerous ways and are difficult to control.

Vipond Fire Protection only provides kitchen fire protection systems which have been specifically designed to protect catering equipment and put out any fires quickly and efficiently. All systems fufill the requirements of  LPCB / LPS1223 and BS EN 16282- 7: 2017

The pre-engineered system is tested and approved to provide nozzles in just the right place to tackle a fire. No need for staff to have to resort to portable extinguishers if a fire occurs. The system will operate automatically or there is the option to strike one of the manual release devices strategically located to suit the kichen geometry and escape routes.

Fires are detected by a robust self-contained pneumatic system. Upon flame impingement or excessive heat the pressurised detection tubing will burst and activate the cylinder valve releasing the extinguishing agent.

This allows the extinguishant to flow freely to the discharge nozzles.  Tethered stainless steel blow off caps prevent ingress of grease to the nozzles in normal circumstances and allow free flow of the agent to the appliances, plenum chamber behind the grease filters and extract ducts in a fire situation.  The extinguishing agent discharges over the burning fat, cooling and suffocating it by a process called saponification.

The  PH neutral agent will not cause damage to the cooking appliances and hood and can easily be cleaned up. An approved Vipond engineer will be able to recharge the cylinder and reset the system enabling the kitchen to resume with full protection.