A View Into Vipond with Lesley Anderson 

26 Oct A View Into Vipond with Lesley Anderson 

In this edition of #ViewIntoVipond, Lesley Anderson gives us her view on life at Vipond. 

Lesley is our friendly receptionist who’s brought a fresh perspective and a warm smile to the team since joining us in June.  

A typical day
Lesley is super organised. With her outfit chosen and lunches prepped the night before, she’s ready for the day ahead. Her morning commute is a breeze, courtesy of her boyfriend’s lift or a quick 30-minute cycle – if the weather is good! Living just a stone’s throw from the office certainly has its perks! 

As Vipond’s receptionist, Lesley’s role is dynamic and multi-faceted. She’s the friendly voice at the end of the line, ensuring incoming calls reach the right department. Lesley also lends a helping hand to our finance team, tackling tasks to lighten their workload.  

Lesley also enjoys overseeing the admin email inbox, again making sure the right messages get to the right people. She’s also the welcoming face for visitors and keeps a watchful eye on our office supplies, making sure everything in the office runs smoothly. 

Goals and growth at Vipond
While Lesley is relatively new to the Vipond family, she’s already setting her sights on growth. Her short-term goals include enhancing her productivity and accuracy. Coming from a fast-paced call centre background, she’s determined to strike a balance between speed and precision. 

In the long term, Lesley envisions herself evolving within Vipond, especially as the company undergoes significant changes during its transition to Chubb and the integration of new systems. She sees an opportunity to contribute her expertise with systems like Workday, a platform she is very familiar with from her previous role. 

The Vipond experience
One of the things Lesley enjoys most about working at Vipond is the people. It can be daunting starting a new job, but the warm welcome she received on her first day has left a lasting impression. The busy office environment provides support and much-needed interaction that working from home lacks. 

Beyond the desk
Once Lesley’s day is done, she’s the co-host and producer of a podcast called “Crystal Myth,” which delves into myths, legends, everything cryptic, and even movie reviews. Starting the podcast during the pandemic was a leap of faith, but Lesley taught herself the ropes of production, artwork creation, music selection, and editing. It’s been an exciting journey, one that Lesley was determined not to let the fear of failure get in the way of. 

Alongside recording podcasts, Lesley also enjoys a gaming session on her Xbox and Nintendo Switch, often challenging her boyfriend to 18 holes of digital golf. 

Fun facts
Lesley has a degree in Ceramic Design from the renowned Glasgow School of Art. She is creative at heart, having been influenced by her aunt, who is a practising artist based in Leeds. Lesley’s passions include all things Gothic, Egyptology, and the movies from Hollywood’s golden era. 

Lesley is also a fan of David Lynch’s surreal ’90s TV show, Twin Peaks. She loves the show so much that it inspired her to get a tattoo of the iconic Owl Cave Ring on her wrist.  

Lesley revealed that she’d one day love to visit the real-life filming locations of Twin Peaks in Snoqualmie, Washington State, especially the Great Northern Hotel where Agent Cooper stayed and the Double R Diner to order a “Damn Fine” coffee and slice of cherry pie.  

Stay tuned for more glimpses into the vibrant Vipond team.