A View Into Vipond with Gordon Caywood 

23 Nov A View Into Vipond with Gordon Caywood 

In this edition of #ViewIntoVipond, Gordon Caywood gives us a glimpse into life at Vipond.

Gordon is the driving force behind our Residential Projects and has been with the company for over 15 years.

A typical day is not typical

Gordon’s day usually begins at the crack of dawn, around 6am, as he takes his retired racing greyhound, Jackson, for a refreshing morning walk. Come rain or shine, it’s a great way to start the day and enjoy some fresh air.

Once they get home, it’s time to prepare for the day ahead. As our Residential Project Manager, Gordon’s daily tasks are anything but routine. Whether it’s site visits, meetings, or office work, every day brings a new challenge. The variety keeps things exciting.

But Gordon says the key to a productive day is thorough planning. Gordon likes to map out his week in advance, ensuring he makes the most of every working day. However, he’s quick to adapt to changes, given the ever-evolving nature of project management. 

Before he knows it, it’s time to head home for some quality family time.

Life at Vipond

Gordon’s work ethos is built on values of fairness and respect. He believes in understanding different perspectives, even when he may not always agree. This helps to create a strong team bond and contributes to Vipond’s family-like culture. Everyone is committed to working toward the same goals and improving the company, and according to Gordon, that makes for a truly supportive environment. The one team, one Vipond motto really resonates with him.

Continuing to grow

Gordon’s journey with Vipond began over 15 years ago as a fitters’ mate, and his progression through various roles, including fitter and supervisor, has brought him to his current position as a project manager. Gordon’s career goals are both short-term and long-term. He wants to continue his development with Vipond over the next few years, becoming the best version of himself and continue rising through the company. 

More sprinklers, please

For Gordon, family is his most treasured possession, so embracing technology and fire safety is paramount. He says it is great to see sprinklers now being installed in more residential settings. Having that extra level of protection against fire can only be a positive move going forward. 

Recent success

One of Gordon’s recent projects saw the Vipond team come together to install a sprinkler and wet riser system in a 324-bedroom built-to-rent apartment block along the River Clyde in Glasgow. This project’s success was a testament to the extraordinary teamwork at Vipond, from sales and design to fabrication and installation. Despite challenging installation obstacles, the team rallied together and delivered a fantastic outcome.

Balancing work and life

Gordon says it is important to strike a healthy work-life balance and not checking or sending emails between 7pm and 7am certainly helps. After a taxing day, Gordon enjoys spending an hour or so in the kitchen. Experimenting with new recipes and techniques from his extensive collection of recipe books is his way of unwinding. If the dish doesn’t turn out as expected, then there is always the fish and chip shop around the corner.

When the weekend arrives, it’s all about family time for Gordon. Family is everything to him, so spending time with his wife and family is top of the priority list, closely followed by watching the footy. If you enjoyed Gordon’s #ViewIntoVipond, why not learn more about our receptionist and podcast enthusiast, Lesley?